How to Buy Gold Coins & Bars Online

Gold is a tangible asset you can hold in your hands. It’s small and easy to transport. And thus, buying gold online is an effective way to invest into gold.

It’s a common misconception that buying or investing into gold is similar to buying stocks or bonds. Or that one should invest in gold stocks, ETFs, or other intangible forms. The reality is that gold has the most value to you when you have physical possession of it. So the best gold investment to make is into gold bullion coins & bars. And thanks to eBay and a number of other websites I will summarize for you below – buying gold online can be quick & easy.

Thousands of dollars worth of gold can be sent in only a small package. Take for instance, a 10 ounce gold bar. If gold were trading at a mere $700 per ounce, that’s a $7,000 payload that can be shipped to you in a package that weighs under a pound. In other words, people who buy gold online have this high value to weight ratio to their advantage.


You can buy gold on eBay just as with anything else, like books or electronics. eBay has a category for gold bullion you can use to browse or simply enter a search query for the particular type of gold coin or bullion bar you’re looking for. Generally you can find a good selection of gold coins and bars selling for reasonable prices.

When you find an auction you’re interested in making a bid on, make sure that the seller is trusted. They should have a high feedback score and preferably they’ll have previous feedback from other eBay users who have purchased bullion from them before. I highly recommend you review a seller’s feedback to check and see if they have sold bullion before. If not, you may reconsider making a bid on their auction.

Shipping insurance is important when buying gold online from eBay. Make sure you’re seller specifies the cost of insurance. You can view this in the ‘Shipping and handling’ section near the bottom of the auction page. If the seller has not specified shipping, be sure to confirm this before you place a bid.

Northwest Territorial Mint Online Store

The Washington state based Northwest Territorial Mint has the best online catalogue for gold & silver bullion at It features all of the prominent gold bars such as the Suisse PAMP and gold coins such as the Canadian Maple Leaf. Buying from NWT Mint is a good option if you would prefer to place your order with a reputable company specializing in gold bullion rather than taking your chances from online auctions. Their shopping cart system is simple & instant which means you can have a gold order placed, paid for, and sent for processing with only a few mouse clicks.

The disadvantage however, is that depending on the current demand & gold availability, not everything is guaranteed to be in stock and in some cases there can be a significant delay on your order. Before finalizing an order at the NWT Mint store, there is typically a notification message displayed in case there is an order delay.

Buying gold online is a great way to acquire the precious metal. By taking advantage of online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon or eCommerce stores such as NWT Mint, ordering gold has never been so easy.