Best Place to Buy Gold Online

The best place to buy gold online will depend on what you are looking to order. For the majority of people, though, the simple answer is that APMEX is the absolute best choice on the internet. APMEX stands for the American Precious Metals Exchange.

This company has been around for many years and offers one of the most comprehensive selections of gold bullion and coins anywhere in the world. Their headquarters is like a modern day Fort Knox, featuring millions upon millions of dollars worth of metals ready to be shipped out to buyers. Now that you know which place is the best to buy from, we are going to list some of the criteria that you should look for before you place any orders at any site.

Reputation and Credibility

Reputation is arguably the single most important thing to consider when it comes to buying anything on the internet, not just gold. A safe and reputable gold site is much more likely to deliver an overall positive experience than a shady company that doesn’t have a whole lot to back them up. A reputable gold company will have the following traits in common…

-Up to Date Pricing

-Complete Selection

-Reasonable Return Policy

-Safe Shipping and Insurance Methods

-A Variety of Payment Options

If you can check all five of these areas off, the chances are that you are buying from a site that is going to handle your money safely and process your order successfully. Up to date pricing is important because you want to be sure that you are getting the most fair price possible. The biggest drain on your money is paying way more for your gold than is really necessary. The second area of concern is the extensiveness of the catalog for the website that you are looking to buy from. A less credible or noteworthy site is not likely to have hundreds upon hundreds of different items to choose from, but the bigger dealers definitely will.

Fair return policies are vital because they will help to ensure that, should something go wrong with your order, that your money will be refunded and that you will not lose out. Any gold site that is worth your time and effort will offer a return policy that protects against any potential losses. Safe shipping and complete insurance go hand in hand with a good return policy. Tracking of your order and insurance to make sure that no items are lost or stolen are absolute musts when working with something as valuable as gold.

Lastly, secure payment processing should also be very high up on the list of things that any gold buyer values in a gold site. You should never put your financial details at risk when buying anything online. Some of the most effective ways to guarantee a completely safe purchase of gold are to buy with either a credit card, check, or bank transfer. The top gold sites will offer these and they will allow you to move significant amounts of money without having to worry about whether it might get lost or even stolen.

What to Expect

When you order from a top gold dealer, there are a few things that any buyer can reasonably expect. You should always be receiving fair prices for the items that you are buying. Yes, the companies do need to ensure that they make a profit, but this does not mean that they should gouge their buyers by charging way more than the standard market prices. For a general guide on how much you should be paying for any given product, take a look at the spot price of gold and make sure that the mark up is no more than $10 or so over spot per ounce.

If your order does not arrive in a timely and well tracked manner, the site you are buying from is not doing a good job. Our recommended gold dealers always keep their customers up to date on the status of their orders at all times. Once you do get your order, it is important that you get the exact items that you paid for. Nothing is worse than ordering a dozen rounds made by one mint and receiving a few gold bars made by another.

Never shop at a website that seems to good to be true. Either they will be looking to rip you off or will never even attempt to fulfill your orders. Follow the guidelines that we have set in place for the best places to buy gold online and you will have a tough time finding a website that gives you trouble.