Gold Bars Currently Available to Buy Online

The following is a listing of all gold bars currently available to buy online from eBay. Using some innovative programming, I was able to create a custom aggregate of not just the gold bars which are currently listed, but all gold bars that ever will be listed. In other words, this is an up to the minute listing of all gold bars currenly available to buy online.

If you are in the market to buy gold bars, I recommend you bookmark this page.

As of this writing, December 17, I have observed the gold bar prices on eBay to be relatively good considering the high premiums, in some cases 20 to 50%, that many bullion dealers are charging. So buying a gold bar online from eBay is certainly a good option to consider.

Since gold bars have a high value to weight ratio, it certainly is an advantage to buy online over eBay because the shipping will be reasonable. But do remember to specify to your seller that you want shipping insurance, unless they have already indicated it is included.

Also, in most cases gold bullion is not subject to customs fees. This is the case between the USA and Canada. So if you are in either of these two countries and are getting a gold bar shipped across the border, you can bid with confidence in knowing you won’t be dinged with any custom fees. After placing your bid, the only extra price will be the shipping.

You can easily buy gold bars by click any of the links featured below and proceeding to make a bid.