Mexican Gold Libertad

The Mexican Gold Libertad is a pure gold coin that was first made available in 1991. It is unique because the coin has no face value anywhere on it yet it is still legal tender in Mexico. The coin is so popular because collectors find the design of the coin to be absolutely irresistible. The Gold Libertad has a silver counterpart which was first released for consumption in 1982.

Design and Details

On the obverse side there is an image that was first used on the 50 peso gold coins that were in circulation from 1921 until 1947. The image is that of two of Mexico’s most famous volcanoes that are named Popocatepetl and Izataccihuatl. Along with the volcanoes is a beautiful image of a winged Victoria, the symbol of Mexican independence. The obverse side of the coin has symbols that mean a lot to every Mexican. The reverse side of the coin is just as beautiful but not quite as extravagant os the obverse. The image on the reverse is the national symbol, or coat of arms, of Mexico which is an eagle perched on top of a cactus holding a snake in its mouth. Collectors are always looking to add Gold Libertad’s to their collection because it is renowned for its beauty.

The Gold Libertad is offered in five sizes, 1/20, 1/10, ¼. ½, and 1 ounce versions. The diameter of the 1/20th ounce coin is 13mm. The 1/10th ounce coin has a 16mm diameter and the quarter ounce coin has a diameter of 23mm. The half ounce version of the Gold Libertad has a diameter of 29mm. The biggest size of the coin, the one ounce Libertad, has a diameter of 34.5mm. The Gold Libertad has a fineness of .999 which makes it yet another coin that is made entirely of gold. Just like every other coin that is made of pure gold, the Libertad require much care to prevent the showing of visible wear and tear.

More About the Gold Libertad

Buying the Gold Libertad in a brick and mortar store will be easier for people who reside in North America than anywhere else as they are minted in Mexico. But that should not be too much of an issue as they are available on multiple websites, Apmex being the most reliable of the bunch. These coins are great for both collectors and investors for a number of reasons.

As far as investors go, the coin is made of pure gold which means that you can use the coin’s gold as an investment tool much like you would use a gold bar. The only catch is that since it is a coin you will have to expect some additional charges to be applied to the price of your coin. Collectors love the coin because it is basically a piece of Mexican history. Collectors look for the most attractive coins all over the world and the Gold Libertad is definitely one of them.