How to Buy Physical Gold (bullion)

So you want to buy physical gold (also known as gold bullion) ?
Congratulations, you’re now on your way to owning the safest, most fundamental investment known to man: gold bullion.

Gold, unlike currency, has a real intrinsic value. It means something. It is rare. It is beautiful. It is the preferred unit of exchange since the dawn of civilization.

It is therefore prudent to have some of this precious metal. Contrary to the notion that you should save money to create wealth, the reality is that the knowledgeable investors know that the real measure of wealth is in the amount of physical gold that you own – and not your bank balance.

Should I Store My Own Gold?
Why not? If you’re new to investing in gold bullion then chances are you won’t be stacking enough gold bricks to justify having an earthquake proof vault & a sophisticated security system.
In fact, first thing you should be aware of is just how valuable gold is: and how just a small quantity of gold coins can represent a small fortune.

The above image, of just 3 one ounce gold coins, represents close to $3000 US dollars at current rates. To be specific, the actual amount today at spot price would only be $2661, but just a few months ago these three coins were indeed worth $3000. And by all means the price is expected to climb even higher.

The tremendous amount of value gold has, means even one handful of gold can be worth over $10,000.

This means there is really not much of a challenge to find a safe location for it.
Your sock drawer, a small personal safe, a secret compartment in your closet, wherever. The point it is, that you have it. If disaster strikes – you get sued, you go bankrupt, you’re country is invaded, a volcano erupts – you have direct access to real money that no one else can touch but you.

If however, you are concerned about security – or you are a big enough player that you need a bigger location than just your home to store your gold bullion – you can choose to store your gold with the security of another entity, such as a bank. It is indeed common to store gold in a safety deposit box at your local bank. Or through security companies such as Brinks or Via Mat.
Of course, this adds a cost to storing your gold that you would otherwise not have if you stored it yourself.

The Best Gold Buying Tip You Can Get
The biggest tip you can receive is rather simple. And it is the primary objective of anyone ready to buy gold: buy your gold at spot price!

The spot price is the ideal and best price you should expect to pay for gold. You can view the spot price on gold at anytime via a quick search on the web. Keep in mind that people who are selling gold, will have probably not purchased the gold at the current spot price – and that the price they bought it for will most likely determine what they are willing to sell for. And in some cases, if the spot price was previously lower than what it is today – this can work to your advantage.

Regardless, any gold investment at spot price is a good one. And in today’s economic climate, paying a little bit over spot price is even okay. Since the economic recession hit full gear in 2008, the price of gold is like a beachball underwater. The price can only stay low for so long – and someday you may be kicking yourself for not buy gold at anything remotely close to the current spot price.

How to Buy Gold Bullion
The simplest way to buy gold, is to do it in person through a local dealer. Walk up to the counter, ask if you can buy the amount of gold you are seeking, and if you’re in luck – you can walk out of the store a happy person.

Various coin shops & bullion dealers can facilitate this type of transaction. You can find bullion dealers in local listings such as the Yellow pages or via a web search. If you lived in Houston, you might search Google for “Houston bullion dealer”.

For a list of recommended dealers across the globe, check out our list of recommended gold bullion dealers. This list includes recommended dealers from top industry experts. Buying gold from any of these dealers will ensure that you’re purchase is handled professionally.