Gold Coins

Gold coins are a primary option for anyone who is interested in investing in or collecting precious metals. These particular types of gold carry uniqueness, rarity, and value. There are coins that are affordable to just about anyone, and there are also coins that have significant premiums attached to them due to their extreme scarcity. In the end, there truly is a coin available for every type of budget.

-American Gold Eagle

-Australian Gold Kangaroo

-Austrian Gold Philharmonic

-Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

-Chinese Gold Panda

-Gold Britannia

-Gold Buffalo

-Mexican Libertad

-South African Krugerrand

Many new gold buyers ask what the difference is between a coin and a round. While a round looks the same as a coin, at least in shape, the reality is that they are two very different things. One of the easiest ways to tell whether an item is actually a coin is to determine whether it was produced by a government mint vs. a private mint. Any person or company could melt raw gold and form it into a round, but only governments have the capability to produce a coin. Because of this, a coin is going to have added inherent value because it is released in more limited quantities and is especially collectible, where a round is mostly valued due to its actual gold content.

The most popular gold coins vary from location to location. For example, in the United States, the most well known coin is the American Gold Eagle. If you head north up to Canada, however, you will find that the Canadian Gold Maple Lead takes precedence. Most of the biggest countries in the world have their own unique coins, though this is not true everywhere. The nations that have the most collected coins include the US, Canada, China, Britain, Mexico, South Africa, Austria, and Australia.

Graded Gold Coins

Coin grading is something that is standard among higher end buyers. Collectors and experts on gold coins are known as numismatists. A graded coin is encased and is protected against damage to ensure that it stays in its original condition. As you can imagine, a graded coin will almost always sell for more than a raw coin, provided that it is in good condition. One of the other reasons that gold coins are graded is to verify authenticity. Though it is relatively rare, there are some coins that are counterfeited from time to time. When you invest in a graded coin, you will not only know its exact condition, but you will also be sure that it is 100% real.

Cost of Gold Coins

The majority of gold coins can be purchased for very close to the actual spot price of gold. The more rare that a coin is, the higher that the mark up will tend to be. If you are looking for a standard, ungraded, American Eagle, for example, you should expect to play around $50 over spot for the coin. You may need to expend more initial money when you first buy the coin, but you will also be providing yourself with an opportunity to make more money down the line. With bars and rounds you will be able to sell at close to the market value of gold, whereas a coin will sell for a premium that frequently increases over time. Coins are fantastic additions to anyone’s portfolio, whether you are a collector, investor, or a combination of the two.