Austrian Gold Philharmonic

The Gold Philharmonic is a relatively new coin as it was first minted in 1989. These coins were so popular that according to the World Gold Council, they were the hottest buys of 1992, 1995, and 1996. The coin is named after the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra which is boasted as being one of the world’s most renowned orchestra’s. Since this coin was incepted back in 1989, the demand for it has been on a steady increase year after year. Even in 2008, when the entire world was suffering from economic downturn, the Gold Philharmonic was able to be sold at higher rates than both the South African Krugerrand and the American Gold Eagles.

Design and Details

The obverse side of the coin boasts the image of Vienna’s music hall’s great organ. After all, the Gold Philharmonic is named after the orchestra that plays in Vienna’s music hall. In addition to the image of the organ on the obverse side, there is also inscriptions that signify the face value of the coin, the weight of the coin, and the year in which it was minted. The reverse side of the coin features a collection of different instruments including a string bass, violins, cellos, a bassoon, a harp, and a Viennese horn. The entirety of the coin is based around music as the coin was originally made to be a tribute to the orchestra.

The Gold Philharmonic is minted in sizes of 1/10, 1/4, ½, and 1 ounce. The face values of the coins; in Euros, is 10, 25, 50, and 100 respectively. The Gold Philharmonic was minted before the Euro was instituted and thus they have face values in shillings. The coin is especially popular because it is yet another coin that is 24 karat gold, or boasts a fineness of .9999. The 1/10th ounce coin has a diameter of 16mm and a thickness of 1.2mm. The quarter ounce Philharmonic has a diameter of 22mm and also has a thickness of about 1.2mm. The half ounce variety has a diameter of 28mm and a thickness of 1.6mm. Finally, the one ounce version of the coin has a diameter of 37mm and a thickness of 2mm.

More About the Gold Philharmonic

The Philharmonic has been absurdly popular ever since its inception and is arguably one of the most popular 24 karat gold coins around today. If you are ever traveling in Europe it would not be a bad idea to check out some of the coin dealers there and see their prices. But if you are not in Europe and do not plan on going there just to buy a few coins, Apmex and other sites on the web will probably be your best bet. Investors flock to this coin because it is made up entirely of gold and has no filler metals. Collectors like the coin simply because of its beauty, the care and precision in the images on both sides of the coin is stunning.