Australian Gold Kangaroo

The Gold Kangaroo is a gold coin from Australia that was first issued in 1986. The mid to late 80s is when many nations decided to start minting solid gold coins, and they have been increasingly popular ever since. Since 1989 the design of the coin is changed every year, usually to depict a different image of a kangaroo which is arguably Australia’s most notable animal.

From 1986-1988 the image on the coin was a gold nugget, but most people outside of Australia had a very tough time understanding what was on their coins, so they changed the design in 1989. Gold nuggets are easily distinguished by Australians but are foreign for people from other countries. The design then changed to the kangaroo, which it has remained ever since 1989.

Design and Details

The Gold Kangaroo is very close to the heart of every Australian because it is the best and most beautiful coin that the country makes. On the obverse side of the coin there is a picture of Queen Elizabeth II, a picture that was designed by Ian Rank-Broadley. The reverse side of the coin features nothing else than a kangaroo and the most recent picture of the kangaroo was designed in 2006 by Stuart Devlin. This coin is said to be one of the most beautiful gold coins around today, that fact coupled with the fact that it is made of 99.99% gold lures in investors and collectors from all over the world.

The coin is offered in denominations of 1/20th, 1/10th, ¼, ½, and 1 ounce varieties, each having their own face values. The face values, in ascending order are, 5, 15, 25, 50, and 100 Australian Dollars. The diameter of the 1/20th ounce coin is 14.10 millimeters wide and has a thickness of about 1.40 millimeters. The 1/10th ounce coin has a width of 16.10mm and a thickness of 1.30mm. The ¼ ounce variety has a thickness of 1.80mm and a diameter of 20.10mm. The half ounce coin is 25.10mm wide and has a thickness of 2.20mm. Finally, the 1 ounce coin has a diameter of 32.10mm and a thickness of 2.65mm.

More About the Gold Kangaroo

The Australian Gold Kangaroo comes in a weight for all levels of investors and collectors. Investing in the Gold Kangaroo is not too bad of an idea either considering it is entirely made up of gold and has no copper or silver as a filler metal. But collectors lust for this coin about as readily as investors do because it is so beautiful and so pure. The only tricky part of this coin is that taking care of it can be quite involved. Because the coin is made up of almost 100% gold, it is a very soft coin and is susceptible to wear and tear very easily. Taking care of these coins will help preserve their value, especially if you are an investor and plan on reselling the coin at a later time.